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By | May 7, 2014

EMT-Basic: National Standard Curriculum Instructor's Course Guide—–United States Department of Transportation

If you are looking for a new career, something that will make a bigger difference and is more helpful to your fellow human beings, consider becoming an emergency medical technician. EMTs are the ones who take care of people in need as they head from the site of an accident or emergency on the way to the hospital for treatment. EMTs help keep people stable before a doctor or medical staff can attend to them.

An EMT certification is available for each of the four progressive levels of EMT training. These are EMT 1 (Basic), EMT 2 and 3 (Intermediate) and EMT 4 (Paramedic).

This three-semester course of study provides graduates with an understanding of the recognition, assessment, Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Lab First Semester (Fall) Introduction to Prehospital Medicine General Pathophysiology and Management for

1/26/13 – 6/1/13 EMT Basic Hybrid 3/11/2013 – 4/27/2013 EMT Refresher Hybrid Davidson County Community College 32032 3/18/2013 3/30/2013 Online Steps to register for a course: Basic Behavioral Emergencies Bioterrorism Awareness for EMS

EMT COURSE OUTLINE Emergency Medical Technician Basic student, you are resEMT ponsible for conducting yourself in this course in accordance with these training standards and, ultimately, preparing yourself for certification.

SC Basic Refresher Course (Including Transitional material) The SC EMT refresher course follows the guidelines and breakdown of the NSC EMT-Basic 24 hour Refresher.

Recertification Guidelines for Emergency Medical Technician-Basic This booklet is designed to assist the EMT-Basic to understand and complete the biennial (two-year) recertification requirements.

EMT-Basic to Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) transition course." • name of the sponsoring agency • signature of the individual responsible for the training To transition to the EMT level, the NREMT-Basic is not required to complete a

EMS-43 JUL 12 Page 2 of 2 Pages. EMT-BASIC COURSE APPLICATION AND SCHEDULE, Continued Lesson Course Session Date Time (Start-End) Day Lecturer/Instructor and Title

EMT-Basic/EMT course and complete the cognitive and psychomotor examinations. Terms of Recertification In applying for recertification, registrants agree to comply with all recertification requirements, rules and standards of the NREMT. Class location: Dallas Campus Dates: January 7-May 13, 2014 Days: T/TH 5:30-9:30pm with 4 Saturdays TBD Location: Gaston College, Albright Public Safety

Course Boston EMS Basic EMT Course Spring 2014 Please register using our online registra on process. Click on:

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