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By | March 13, 2014

Teachers, job stress reduction is important to your health. You know that. Your physical bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits are all involved in school work. Even on holiday, you may find yourself working, or at least thinking about your work.

At this present age, the medical assisting vocation is expanding fast. While others are beleaguered, this healthcare assisting job will continue to escalate for the coming years according to experts. The unceasing demand is due to the world’s aging population and the advancement of the medical technology.

If you are looking for a new career, something that will make a bigger difference and is more helpful to your fellow human beings, consider becoming an emergency medical technician. EMTs are the ones who take care of people in need as they head from the site of an accident or emergency on the way to the hospital for treatment. EMTs help keep people stable before a doctor or medical staff can attend to them.

Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) diploma and Paramedic Certificate students are encouraged to continue their studies for the A.S. career goals. EMT Applied Technology Diploma (ATD) The EMT Applied Technology Diploma requires scores in reading,

MP 8/25/2012 The resources listed below are available in the COLLEGE & CAREER INFORMATION CENTER (CCIC), an area at the top of the stairs, upper level of the library.

If you’re considering a career in emergency medical services (EMS), the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) is happy to provide you with more information so you can make the best choice.

EMS CAREER-RELATED EXPERIENCE RELEASE OF INFORMATION CONSENT Please complete if you have been previously enrolled in an EMS-related program at another college/university OR

Title: Tactical Paramedic Jobs: Providing Critical Care in Hostile Environments | EMT CAREER CENTER Author: Joe Deedon Created Date: 7/31/2012 6:25:19 PM

S:\Course Materials\EMT-Basic Program\Completion documents\EMS Career Path.doc 8/20/2007 3 environment and to apply knowledge learned in the classroom.

"EMT/Paramedic Overview" Prepared as part of the Sloan Career Cornerstone Center (www.careercornerstone.org) Note: Some resources in this section are provided by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Career Technical Training Area Before entering the Emergency Medical Technician training programç students should.

PALM BAY Firefighter/EMT/Paramedic . FIRE RESCUE. Recruitment . The City of Palm Bay Firefighters maintain a highly responsible position that involves Career Opportunities. Following a 12-month probationary period,

2 action taken during the previous twelve (12) consecutive calendar months prior to the proposed effective date of the career progression. The Operations Division Chief, in conjunction with the Administration Division

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