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By | August 3, 2014

CSULB ATEP Handbook, Policy, and Procedures Manual Revised 5/10 8 California State University, Long Beach Athletic Training Education Program Points of Academic Excellence

John Siegel, MS, ATC, EMT-1 Head Athletic Trainer Department of Dance . CSULB Jill Sleight, ATC West Coast Sports Medicine Team to Win Jarrod Spanjer, MA, ATC Head Athletic Trainer See the CSULB Athletic Training Program web site for the separate program application.

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Amy L. Mckenzie, ATC, PES, EMT-B Terre Haute amylmckenzie@gmail.com fundraising, event organization Kenneth E. Games, ATC honors and awards, Women in AT William Hughes, ATC Warrenville kfreesmn@csulb.edu Robert Marley, MA, ATC, LAT Missouri City bob.marley@comcast.net

Yolanda Aragon Completed EMT Program 12/08 OCC Kelly Navarro Completed nursing program with Honors 5/09 GWC Anh-Dao Nguyen Completed first semester at CSU Katie Umathum Completed first year at CSU – Long Beach 5/09 CSULB

In conjunction with a CSULB degree program. (EMT). Letter grade only (A‑F). UPPER DIVISION 374. Professional Practice I: Professional Interactions (3) honors and awards), extracurricular activities, as well as relevant work,

First aid, or EMT. Complete a formal police academy program upon graduation. Maintain a healthy and physically fit lifestyle. Volunteer to work in a police department or campus safety department. Complete an internship in a crime laboratory to gain

Project Self-Sufficiency Staff: Long Beach 5/09 CSULB Yolanda Aragon Completed EMT Program 12/08 OCC Giovana Cortez Received Associate Teacher Permit 12/08 Santa Ana College Christina Cross Health Science Completion 5/09 Cypress College

The evaluation is subcontracted through CSULB, Connie Ireland, Ph.D., and monitoring Alcohol testing Case management by DUI court team Manualized program among people with DUI’s Collecting assessments until next year EMT Associates, Inc. A Study of DUI

CSULB in a field with a high growth trajectory. 13) History An additional FTE position is needed. Security-Public Safety training, emerging EMT program or to write curriculum.. LAHC offers the State’s only full online Fire Tech program.

Http://www.csulb.edu/divisions/aa/catalog/current/pdfs/programs_courses/cba/cba_business_administrati on_college.pdf Legal Studies in Business Program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and manage their http://training.fema.gov/EMIWeb/edu/docs/EMT/Contributions%20of

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