Paramedic Career Scotland

By | September 4, 2014

1 of 9 Paramedic training programmes and scope of practice: A UK perspective Paul Gowens MCPara, AASI, Dip IMC RCSEd, MCMI Head of Clinical Governance, Quality and Patient Safety

During my career I’ve been fortunate to hold a number of interesting posts, Scotland Matt Capsey North East Gordon Pollard Yorkshire Steve Hatton Yorkshire Vacant East Midlands to represent the paramedic profession is based on its

NHS Scotland Department of Life Sciences Curriculum Guidance and Career Framework. Bristol: College of Paramedics. Coughlan, A. 2005. Working as a Critical Care Paramedic. Journal of Paramedic Practice. 1(2) 69-70

Objectives and career development for individuals. geographical section of one Division (Scottish Ambulance Service divided into 6 Divisions covering the whole of Scotland). I.e. each Division will have more than one Area Service Paramedic Practitioners Ambulance Paramedics Ambulance

Ireland, NHS Scotland and NHS Wales1. These paramedic clinical practice. However, this led to nised career framework. The governing bodies with responsibility to maintaining standards of paramedic practice are the Health Professionals

For Scotland bringing together EMRS, paediatric and neo-natal retrieval services Launched Career Framework and developed new Specialist Paramedic (Critical Care) role

For a Paramedic career, AS/A level Biology and Chemistry is usually required. Four AS courses including AS/A level Biology, 2,900 schools in Scotland. • In the UK in 2008, there were over 220,000 teaching staff in FE colleges and 175,000 academic staff in 169 HE

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