What Is The Average Salary Of A Paramedic

By | February 9, 2015

ENMU-Roswell, P.O. Box 6000, Roswell New Mexico 88202-6000. EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY-ROSWELL average salary for a Paramedic in this region is $50,000 (JEMS, Oct. 2011). • Top related in demand occupa-tions/job set-tings: fire/police

The median is a better approximation of average salary than the Firefighter II-Paramedic $3,644 $7,914 -117.2% $6,498 $8,348 -28.5% $7,571 $9,678 -27.8% Fire Apparatus Engineer $3,849 $7,549 -96.1% $6,329 $8,078 -27.6% $7,404 $9,514 -28.5%

OLIVETTE FIRE DEPARTMENT Firefighter/Paramedic salary and benefits information FIRE FIGHTER BENEFITS (Current February 2012) Average of your best 5 years x current multiplier x year’s service. Fire Fighters pay 5% into their pension.

Example 2: The local agency MOU states that a paramedic is paid an additional $250 per pay period as a paramedic allowance. In this case, the $250 pay does not increase if the employee This is your agency "average actual salary" for this classification.

Emergency Medical Technology . History . Average starting salary for EMT-Paramedic is $35,000 – $40,000. Scholarship Opportunities . Bound Tree Medical, LLC Legacy Scholarship Program . John L. McDonald, M.D. Paramedic Education Scholarship .

If you like helping people and would enjoy the opportunity to save someone’s life, you can become a paramedic. 224 Paramedic Salary Average annual salary is about $38,000 (nationwide).

The Paramedic Medicine Program at CSN meets or surpasses all national Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. The PARAMEDIC MEDICINE Average Salary Median Hourly Wage..$16.86 Hourly Wage Range

Typically EMTs and paramedics earn an average salary of $24,000 to $30,000 per year. To meet an EMT/Paramedic and find out what it's like to Formal training and certification is needed to become an EMT or paramedic. Training is offered at progressive levels: First Responder; EMT

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