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By | April 1, 2014

Online education and internet courses are the future of education. Today, entire college programs are done online and students are now able to earn degrees with minimal class room time. This is really great for those of us who are trying to balance family life, work, and school. However; as with many things, people have trouble with change. Employers and schools who remain in the education dark ages frown upon online BLS and ACLS programs. In some cases there is a legitimate concern for this kind of training, but health care providers need to take the blinder off and learn to separate the good from the bad.

If you are looking for a new career, something that will make a bigger difference and is more helpful to your fellow human beings, consider becoming an emergency medical technician. EMTs are the ones who take care of people in need as they head from the site of an accident or emergency on the way to the hospital for treatment. EMTs help keep people stable before a doctor or medical staff can attend to them.

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Austin/Travis County EMS System . EMT-Intermediate . Study Guide . For the COG overhaul 9/16/10 . Reference: Clinical Operating Guidelines: 01.06.11 . Welcome to the Austin/Travis County EMS System Clinical Operating Guidelines Study Guide for

If the EMT does stop, the level of care he renders is expected to be commensurate with his level of training. * Practicing within the standard of care, following best practices, and thorough documentation are methods to protect oneself from being hit with a lawsuit.

VDL, EMT certificate, CPR card, firefighter I academy certificate, and maybe a certificate of achievement in Fire Technology (Some departments only require age, Russian? Probably very few. Does that make him unique in a positive way? YES! He might be the only person on the

The NCTI™ EMT Training Academy offers class schedules that meet days, evenings or weekends in multiple locations throughout greater New England.

The crews responds to your request for service, assess your situation, and help you make informed decisions regarding your health and safety. The crew that responds are not just “ambulance drivers”. Here in Macedon we staff a basic EMT and a paramedic,

Frequently Asked Questions about EMT 2011 Recertification This information, along with the mailed instructions, screen shots instructions, and

Marin county ems agency policy 3200 administrative policy date: 7/1/10 supercedes version dated: 01/01/06 emt certification / recertification

Taking the NREMT test or State EMT exam can be a painless experience if you are prepared with These EMS experts make sure that there is only one "best" or "correct" answer, and that "each incorrect answer has some level of plausibility."


EMT B Practice Test Answers Answer Key 1. B- The first step in treating a patient with potential cardiac arrest is to administer oxygen. At that point, you should obtain a patient history and perform a physical exam to obtain baseline

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